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Some hedge plants are much happier and grow into better hedging in strong winds and salt airs than others. In some cases (Sea Buckthorn, Gorse etc) this is because they naturally occur by the sea or on hilltops, perhaps preferring poorer, sandy or chalky soils. Other plants (Escallonia, Griselinia) like the seaside for the same reasons we do - it is supposed to be warm and sunny, but also a little wet. There is a third group, made up of hedge plants that are just so tough they will grow anywhere (Cotoneaster, Roses, hawthorn). So, this list is dedicated to lovers of salt, sun, sand and wind... by the way most plants that will grow by the sea will also do well in windy positions inland.

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Cotoneaster simonsii

Red Berried, evergreen and impenetrable when well grown.

Cotoneaster franchetii

Orange berried, usually evergreen (except in hard winters), clips well.

Elaeagnus angustifolia

With Silver leaves, but deciduous this loves poor coastal soils. Evergreen Elaeagnus ebbingei is a bit more formal but is unmoved by salt or wind.

Escallonia Donard Seedling

Like all the Escallonias, this loves the seaside. Glossy, scented leaves, charming flowers, good, clippable growth - this is a most amenable evergreen hedging plant (pink and white)

Escallonia iveyii

The best white hedging Escallonia. Large, very glossy dark and evergreen leaves and covered in bloom in June and July.

Griselinia littoralis

Also known as New Zealand Privet. Lighter green than privet with fleshier leaves, Griselinia handles salt and gales really well.

Griselinia variegata

This is to New Zealand Privet what Golden is to Green Privet. Variegated green and gold.

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