Climbing Plants - Availability List

This is the list of our climbing plants available for delivery now - the complete list of climbers in stock at Ashridge Nurseries for you to order today and plant within a few days. If you are interested in plants that may be out of season now, have a look at our full list of climbers for sale. 

Climbing roses are listed separately here

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English Name Latin Name Size Quantity
A Clematis Collection-P9 3 Clematis Collection P9 (9cm Pot) 167
Actinidia-3 Litre Pot Actinidia kolomikta 3 Litre Pot 18
Clematis - 'Hagley Hybrid'-P9 Clematis 'Hagley Hybrid' P9 (9cm Pot) 57
Clematis - 'Markhams Pink'-3 LITRE POT Clematis macropetala 'Markhams Pink' 3 Litre Pot 33
Clematis - 'Mrs Norman Thompson'-3L Clematis 'Mrs N Thompson' 3 Litre Pot 15
Clematis - 'Multi Blue'-3L Clematis 'Multi Blue' 3 Litre Pot 7
Clematis - 'Nelly Moser'-P9 Clematis 'Nelly Moser' P9 (9cm Pot) 21
Clematis - 'Niobe'-3 LITRE Clematis 'Niobe' 3 Litre Pot 47
Clematis - 'Piilu'-3L Clematis 'Piilu' 3 Litre Pot 44
Clematis - 'Rouge Cardinal'-3L Clematis 'Rouge Cardinal' 3 Litre Pot 12
Clematis - 'Sunset'-3L Clematis 'Sunset' 3 Litre Pot 16
Clematis - 'The President'-3L Clematis 'The President' 3 Litre Pot 121
Clematis - 'Vyvyan Pennell'-3 LITRE POT Clematis 'Vyvyan Pennell' 3 Litre Pot 37
Clematis - Armandii-3 LITRE POT Clematis Armandii 3 Litre Pot 20
Clematis - Bees Jubilee-3 LITRE POT Clematis Bees Jubilee 3 Litre Pot 67
Clematis - Lasurstern-3 LITRE POT Clematis Lasurstern 3 Litre Pot 18
Clematis - Lemon Dream-3L Clematis Lemon Dream 3 Litre Pot 16
Clematis - Mayleen-3L Clematis montana Mayleen 3 Litre Pot 18
Clematis - Montana 'Marjorie'-3L Clematis Montana 'Marjorie' 3 Litre Pot 14
Clematis - Montana 'Tetrarose'- 3L Clematis Montana 'Tetrarose' 3 Litre Pot 25
Clematis - Piilu-P9 Clematis Piilu P9 (9cm Pot) 3
Clematis - Polish Spirit-3L Clematis viticella 'Polish Spirit' 3 Litre Pot 1
Clematis - Proteus-3L Clematis Proteus 3 Litre Pot 29
Clematis - White Prince Charles-3L Clematis viticella White Prince Charles 3 Litre Pot 67
Clematis, Belle of Woking-3L Clematis Belle of Woking 3 Litre Pot 17
Clematis, Bill Mackenzie-P9 Clematis tangutica Bill Mackenzie P9 (9cm Pot) 11
Clematis, General Sikorski-3L Clematis General Sikorski 3 Litre Pot 11
Honeysuckle - Halls Prolific-3L Lonicera japonica 'Halls Prolific' 3 Litre Pot 10
Honeysuckle - Henryi P9 Caned Pots Lonicera Henryi P9 (9cm Pot - Caned) 2
Honeysuckle - Lonicera 'Dropmore Scarlet'-3 Litre Pot Lonicera x brownii 'Dropmore Scarlet' 3 Litre Pot 21
Honeysuckle - Lonicera Halliana-3 LITRE POT-Potted Lonicera japonica Halliana 3 Litre Pot 39
Honeysuckle - Lonicera x tellmanniana-3 Litre Pot Lonicera x tellmanniana 3 Litre Pot 30
Honeysuckle  Tellmanniana P9 Caned Pot Lonicera x tellmanniana P9 (9cm Pot - Caned) 7
Hydrangea - 'petiolaris'-3 Litre Pot Hydrangea 'petiolaris' 3 Litre Pot 4
Hydrangea - 'seemannii'-3 LITRE POT-Potted Hydrangea 'seemannii' 3 Litre Pot 5
Ivy - 'Glacier' - Hedera helix-P9 Hedera helix 'Glacier' P9 (9cm Pot) 2
Ivy, Goldheart-P9 Hedera helix Goldheart P9 (9cm Pot) 31
Jasmine - 'Officinale'-3L Jasminum 'Officinale' 3 Litre Pot 157
Jasmine -x Stephanense-3L Jasminum x Stephanense 3 Litre Pot 11
Jasmine, Clotted Cream-3L Jasminum officinale Clotted Devon Cream 3 Litre Pot 97
Kiwi Vine - Jenny - Pot Grown-3 LITRE POT Actinidia deliciosa Jenny 3 Litre Pot 14
Parthenocissus tricuspidata 'Veitchii'-3L Parthenocissus tricuspidata 'Veitchii' 3 Litre Pot 6
Trachelospermum jasminoides-3 LITRE POT Trachelospermum jasminoides 3 Litre Pot 16
Virginia creeper, Red Wall-3L Parthenocissus quinquefolia Red Wall 3 Litre Pot 6
Virginia creeper, Red Wall-P9 Parthenocissus quinquefolia Red Wall P9 (9cm Pot) 18
Virginia creeper, Yellow Wall-3L Parthenocissus quinquefolia Yellow Wall 3 Litre Pot 12
Virginia creeper, Yellow Wall-P9 Parthenocissus quinquefolia Yellow Wall P9 (9cm Pot) 51
Virginia Creeper-3L Parthenocissus quinquefolia 3 Litre Pot 25
Wisteria floribunda Multijuga-3L Wisteria floribunda Multijuga 3 Litre Pot 2

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