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Trees in standard sizes, meaning a well branched young tree with at least 1.8 metres of clear stem, are one of our oldest specialities! 

What should I know about buying potted trees?  

The majority of trees in the UK are planted bareroot in winter, but with a little extra effort, pot-grown trees are equally good and can be planted year round as long as you can water them! 

The thing to know about buying a potted tree is that it should be planted out ASAP, either to open soil, or a larger container.
It could live in the pot it comes in, with irrigation in dry summer weather, for almost a year before it urgently needed repotting, but the pot is a really a "lifeboat for plants".
This pot has one job: to transfer a growing tree with soil around its roots. It is not intended for the tree to grow in for longer than a growing season. 

Which trees can I buy in pots?

The most popular tree varieties are both grown in pots, and sold bareroot.
Other wonderful varieties are only available bareroot, during the winter bareroot planting season (November to March).

The range below includes ornamental and flowering trees for small gardens, parkland or woodland. 
Browse our fruit trees instead, or have a look at our sapling trees in the hedging section.

To add interest to a new row of trees, you cannot beat a range of garden bulbs.

All our mail order bareroot trees come with our Guarantee, so you can give them a whirl with complete confidence.
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