Plum Trees

Plums are perhaps the most childish fruit we sell. They are womderfully sweet, and they come in a raft of colours. They are child sized, a grand-daughter who shoudl probably remain nameless missed out on featuring here when there was no camera to hand to take the picture of her with a Victoria plum in each fat little hand and one on her mouth, all at the same time.... but we digress. No orchard is complete without a plum tree and the range is so wide that we would recommend at least two (a true eater and a true cooker). Or maybe one early and one late? Whatever your choice plums feature large in the range of fruit trees on this site.

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  1. Plum Trees - Belle de Louvain

    Plum Trees - Belle de Louvain

    From £12.95
    Belle de Louvain
    • Cooking & Jam.
    • Self Fertile
    • Crops in August
    • Pollination Group C

  2. Plum Trees - Czar

    Plum Trees - Czar

    From £12.95
    Prunus domestica Czar Plum
    • Eating and Cooking.
    • Self Fertile.
    • Pollination Group C.
    • Crops August.
    • Bareroot Delivery: Nov-March

  3. Plum Trees - Marjories Seedling

    Plum Trees - Marjories Seedling

    From £12.95
    Plum Marjories Seedling

  4. Rivers Early Prolific plums

    Plum Trees - Rivers Early Prolific

    From £12.95

    Plum Rivers Early Prolific

    • Self -fertile
    • Eating/cooking
    • Small fruit
    • Very early cropping - July

  5. Victoria Plum Trees

    Plum Trees - Victoria

    From £12.95

    Victoria Plum

    • The classic British dessert plum
    • Self fertile
    • Heavy cropping

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