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Standard Tree Sizes

Sizing of Standard Trees standard tree

When you buy a tree in a larger size, over about 2 metres, it is called a "standard". All the plants in our Ornamental Trees section are graded as standards. A standard tree isn't actually measured by its height. It is measured by the girth, in centimetres, of its trunk 1 metre above soil level (i.e. its waist measurement in centimetres). This size has nothing to do with a tree's final height, only the size of the tree when we deliver it to you.

Most standards are between 2 - 3.5 metres tall, but this will vary depending on the species: slow growing trees may be shorter and vigorous plants like willow can be much taller.

Standard trees are sized by their girth instead of their height to allow a mixed selection of specimen trees to look natural when planted. For example, an oak grows more slowly than a silver birch and so will be shorter for the same "waist measurement".

The table below is a rough guide to the approximate heights of standard trees at delivery.

You can buy these standard sizes from us:

  • 6/8 cms - Light standards.
  • 8/10 cms - Regular standards.
Tree Size Girth 1 metre above the ground Approx. Height Clear Trunk*
Feathered Tree less than 6cm 1.75-2.50m  
Light Standard 6-8cm 2.50-3.00m 1.50-1.75m
Regular Standard 8-10cm 2.50-3.00m 1.75-2.00m
Selected Standard 10-12cm 3.00-3.50m 2.00m
Heavy Standard 12-14cm 3.00-3.50m 2.00m
Extra Heavy Standard 14-16cm 4.25-4.50m 2.00m

*Applies to most species.

The above specimen tree heights are only a guide. In line with EU regulations, we sell our trees as standards measured by girth, not by height. We cannot tell you how tall your trees will be before you order them.

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