Good stuff for your garden for January...

Time for that Hedge...

Starting from now, the next three months are absolutely prime bareroot hedge planting time.

Bare root plants are bigger, better, cheaper and easier to plant! And with the soil as wet as it is they won't need watering for quite some time...

Our cold store means you can buy until well into April, but that is not the same as saying everything you want will be in stock then. So get your order in now, even if you don't want delivery until a bit later in the year...


Julian's Top Tip -
Winter Wash

We get the odd bit of cold weather, but as winters get warmer pests that overwinter or that lay eggs in autumn are having an easy time of it.

Where you cut down and remove plant material, this is not really an issue but, with woody subjects, a warm winter equals a pest problem next summer. 

A simple solution (no pun intended) is to use Winter Wash. Not just on fruit trees, but on anything else that is woody - from Azaleas to Roses to Wisteria. It is a natural product and it works. As with all sprays, please follow the instructions.

Rose Planting Time

Plant bareroot roses this month or next and you will see flowers this summer on a good sized bush. Leave it a bit later and the poor plant does not have time to establish properly. Which means your roses will be smaller and more prone to disease.

We have a fantastic selection of 300+ varieties including some of David Austin's best (pictured is his Tranquillity - scented, disease resistant, looks good in the rain. Fabulous.)

So if you did not get what you really wanted for Christmas, treat yourself now!


Spring Flowering Bulbs

If you missed the autumn bulb planting season, all is not lost. Snowdrops, aconites and bluebells are available as "bulbs in the green" to plant between February and April. This is quite cool as your own bulbs start to show this month so you can plant bulbs in the green into the gaps.

They establish incredibly well but you need to plant as soon as possible after they arrive. So this month is a good time to prepare their planting sites. We also sell out quickly, so order now to avoid disappointment.


Christmas Thank You's

These may have made great Christmas presents last month, but they are also the best thank you, sorry, get well soon and good luck gifts at any other time.

And as gardeners like to choose their own plants, a gift certificate from Ashridge Nurseries is just perfect.


Ahh. Sweet Peas...

The best Sweet Peas are autumn sown. They come with much more root which means you get stronger plants that carry more, and better/bigger, flowers.

No need to do anything yet as you won't get or plant them until March, but do keep an eye out for our "Sweet Pea" email which will be landing in your inbox towards the end of this month. 


January jobs

Plenty to do outside in this wonderful (@*!!?) weather we are having, and almost all the jobs will help you lose that little bit extra around the waist that appeared as if by magic over the last month! But just in case you feel all is under control, well, here is a list of a few other jobs...

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